2021 Exclusive Nanosilver Antibacterial inner Bracket

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  • Exclusive Nano-silver technology anti-bacterial & virus
  • All-natural and 100% safe for people. Odorless, No additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients, dyes
  • Effectively eliminate the bacteria and odor of the mask
  • In an environment with humidity, nanosilver moderately releases antibacterial metal ions (silver ion). The bacteria and odor of the mask can be quickly and effectively eliminated, so the mask can be reused to reduce waste and pollution!
  • Soft fit, Wear on a mask, No falling off. Suitable for all different masks


1.What is the antibacterial principle of nanosilver?

  • In an environment with humidity, moderately nanosilver release antibacterial metal ions (silver ion)
  • The surface of the microorganism itself is negatively charged, and the positively charged antibacterial metal ions will be drawn to the surface of the microorganism because the charge imbalance causes the cell wall to rupture
  • In addition, when the antibacterial metal ions enter the microorganisms, they will react with the enzymes in the microorganisms to inhibit the activity of the enzymes in the microorganisms and prevent their division and reproduction. These two mechanisms allow antibacterial metal ions to effectively achieve antibacterial effects

2. Is nanosilver harmful to the human body?

  • We use pure natural nanosilver, No additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients,100% Safe for the body. 
  • Nanosilver has been used in many maternal and infant products, kitchen tableware.
  • Let's take a look at nanosilver oral dosage products on Amazon

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